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Ben Matthews:

By far the best Mailer I have experienced. You have more options and better control over your competitors. I have been able to upgrade my package just by claiming the credits you have to offer. Thanks!! I am recommending you on my website!! Thanks again

Ron Lester:

Hey guys, I received a message within an hour of my email being sent out that I had 19 paid sign ups. That ended up earning me $285. 10 mailings a month will end up generating almost $3000. Fantastic work, guys!!!

Jordan Keyes:

I have had success with the 1500 button upgrade. Having the 2 extra hyper linked Viral ads that are put into rotation with others ads has been driving traffic to my website with no extra work or pay. I would definitely recommend anyone upgrading from the free account to any of the other buttons!!

Brenda Spencer:

SOTAM is the only site that I have found that actually gives me members in my website. I have started to make money in my main company and I have gotten 1 member in my downline in SOTAM. It think this the best safelist ever. Thank You, Brenda

Angel Lopez:

Yes, I have made 11 Sales! And 4 Sales for one of my small ebooks!

Judith Matthews:

Hi, I don't normal do testimonies but I feel compelled to do so. SOTAM is user friendly, I have yet so see anything so well put together. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to succeed online. Thanks guys for making such a great program ! All the best to you !

Sharon Lalonde:

I would Like to Thank SOTAM for helping me generate lots of sign ups to the programs I promote. Site is awesome and Admin is Quick sending out your Ads Thanks Again

Vickie Dingman:

It is a great place to advertise, and it has many more things to offer than other sites. It is very space oriented and it takes just a few minutes to get your bearings but it is well worth your time.

Edit Gentile:

Yes! After using SOTAM for two months, I decided to upgrade to the 10,000 Button Level as one of 100 Viralists. Just one day later I have two downline, one of whom upgraded their membership! Thank you SOTAM!

Scott Mclain:

Running ads on SOTAM has been fantastic for my sales! Thanks and keep up the great work.

Sanjinka Ostro:

I joined SOTAM as soon as Jaye sent me JV invitation cause I've been having excellent results from his other site My List Frog. As soon as I blasted my ad out through top-notch SOTAM mailer, I got 13 prospects. 2 of them became my GDI affiliates within the next hour! Thanks a million, Jaye and Brad! Sanjinka Ostro One of GDIs best recruiters

Thomas Keoppel:

I love SOTAM. It is like a cool toy that I find a new way to play with every time I use it! Way to go Brad and Jaye!

Walter Bayliss:

So far I have done two sends using the 7500 Button and made over $250 in sales. WOW!!! What a result. You have done it guys... A terrific program.

Keith Hones:

At Home Business Work Opportunity my sales increased since upgrading @ State-of-The-Art-Mailer-System. Thanks for the Help Guy's, keep up the good work!

David J Ovens:

Hi Brad & Jaye! Having had a couple of weeks to compare the shared lists I am a member of, I can safely say that SOTAM has by far brought me the most referrals and Sales to my Business Opportunities by a long shot!! The click rates are awesome with well over 500 clicks on every mail sent! My last mail got me 17 referrals and 3 sales - cool :) I am very Impressed! Thanks Guys, David J Ovens 

carmen sofia malinescu:


Doug Forbes:

I love Button Escalation! It allows me to mail to a great many more then my Upgrade allows, saving me a great deal I can use elsewhere. Button Escalation always gives me rewards. I have NEVER had a mailing from SOTAM that did not get me signups and being able to mail 5000 instead of 3000 nearly doubles the worth of my upgrade-just for doing what I would have done anyhow...opening my mails. SOTAM is the best bargain and best mailer of it's size, or any other!

Johnny Baxter:

I am totally amazed by the click rates that I receive every time I run a promo. Every time I run an ad campaign and mail to 7,500 members, I see new referrals come into whatever I am promoting. I highly recommend SOTAM to everyone. Brad and Jaye have done an awesome job in developing a mailer that was much needed. Johnny Baxter Turbo Traffic Hits

David Gange:

Excellent, made three sales in my first mail! This is awesome! Thanks guys for putting together something which works!

Mark Bravo:

I got 3 sales in one day with SOTAM i just really want to thank you guys so much. It really does work!!!

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